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May 24, 2012
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HA: Elise Litwin by kentarocks HA: Elise Litwin by kentarocks
My oc and application for :iconhogwartsacademy:

If anyone is interested in RP just leave a comment or send me a note :)

Name: Elise Litwin
Nickname: Eli
Age: 16
Gender: female
House:  Hufflepuff
Year: 6
Blood Status: half-blood

Physical Description:
Elise is 5'6" and 129lbs
Hair is blonde, ends are colored red
Skin color is pale

Elise is a rather patient girl, a lot of the times enjoys listening more to others than talking about herself. She can be shy when she first meets someone but once she gets to know them can become quite outgoing. Elise also has a competitive side. She is the kind of girl where she is not afraid to get her hands dirty. When it comes to bullying Elise does not tolerate it. If she sees someone getting bullied or picked on she will step in to stop it without hesitation. This comes mainly from being bullied in her her past, making her kind and gentle towards others.

She is highly dedicated to her friends, family, and schoolwork. Always trying her best to work hard and apply herself even if she is not great in every subject.

When faced with a serious situation Eli will always give her honest opinion.

Eli was born and raised by Luke and Elizabeth Litwin. She has a baby brother who is three years old. Her father Luke is a muggle working as a music instructor and her mother Elizabeth is a half-blood witch. Despite having a muggle father Eli has been brought up learning more about the wizarding world and less of the muggle. Before she attended Hogwarts Eli occupied a lot of her free time as a swimmer, runner and also learning piano from her father.

At the age of eleven Eli received her letter to attend Hogwarts. She originally thought she was going to be sorted into Ravenclaw but ended up being sorted into Hufflepuff, and much to her surprise has greatly enjoyed it. She is looking forward to making new friends, trying new activities, and finding what she wants to do with her life.

First year: Was bullied by a couple of boys and one ended up cutting her hair very short.
Second year:
Third year:
Fourth year:
Fifth year: Spent a lot of time making new friends and made as chaser on the Hufflepuff quidditch team
Sixth year:

-Her wand is 11" Adler, Unicorn Core
-Owns a tawny brown owl named Didi
-Broom Nimbus 2051
-Has an interest to study Herbology
-Best subjects: Herbology, History, Ancient Runes, and Charms
-Worst subjects: Potions, Transfiguration
-Loves playing wizards chess
-Has a big fear of spiders


Lance Peltier: She really loves chatting and spending time with him. They have very different personalities that sometimes lead Lance into trouble but Elise is always worrying about him. He is one of the few people that makes her really feel safe and knows that he will be there for her no matter what. Overtime she's been falling for him.

Sinclair Dunes: Elise originally met Sinc through Lance and since enjoys chatting with him mainly about quidditch, having friendly rivalry conversations or just in general.

Elodie Thompson: Ever since they first met Elise has found this girl very easy to talk to and seem to have a bit in common. They both played the chaser positions on the Hufflepuff quidditch team.

Orion Wakefield: This guy has creeped her out so badly making advances on her that she dumbed ink on him and kicked him... well in the lower area. She tries to avoid him as much as possible or at least tries not to be alone with him but so far nothing is working. Orion calls her Snickerdoodle much to her dislike.
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